Mutual Funds

Currently In India, there are over 50 category of mutual funds and few 1000 schemes to choose from. To reduce the clutter, we have incorporated best mutual fund algorithms which has the potential to curate the Best Funds to make your investment decisions simpler and more effective!

For this, we have brought a fine confluence of robotic fund selection and individual experience and created a digital environment which will helps you invest based on you investment time horizon, needs and risk taking appetite. The suggestions offered is relevant to individual needs and is supported by powerful algorithms, thus it removes all human interventions and makes the suggestions completely unbiased.

Our online model helps you transact with few clicks. Post the transactions, you can view you mutual fund portfolio along with other investments any time on go by login to our Portfolio Tracker or on the Mobile App . The Portfolio tracker also offers you the ability to add all of your family's investment accounts in one place, so that you always have a macro view of it.

Investing in mutual funds was never this easy. Enjoy a hassle free on-boarding with no hidden charges and transact freely!

CLICK4MF Private Limited will guide you through your investment processes with these unique tools

When you have some surplus funds and you do not know where to invest, do check our Lumpsum Robo Tool that will guide you in the journey of Lumpsum Investments while ensuring that the best funds are selected based on investment tenure and risk taking appetite.

We help you meet your various Financial Goals by investing through mutual fund SIPs. If you cannot afford adequate monthly SIP amount now, no worries. We will help you and ensure that you achieve your Goals with help of Step-up SIPs and reach the goals slowly but surely.

You have various Life Goals. It can be your Retirement, Higher Education of your children, Buying a Property or simply creating Wealth. While you have the vision of many grand Goals, our Goal Planner ensures that not only you can create Goals, you can track them as well seamlessly.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between an insured individual and the insurer, whereby the 'life assured' (insured) pays a premium at regular intervals for a pre-decided tenure (term). In case of the untimely demise of the life assured, his nominee/s will receive the 'sum assured' from the insurer. Not only does this lend the important financial support during an untimely demise of a family member, it also proves to be a great helping hand in case of an accident or a calamity. This is the broad perspective; in reality life insurance is much more than that.

Though Life Insurance provides invaluable financial security to your loved ones, the sum payable is dependent on how much life risk cover you have taken. While there is no clear cut answer to this simply because the life risk cover depends on your financial planning and if you have considered all aspects of your asset and liabilities. How you have arrived at the life risk cover amount is very important. For example - While deciding your life risk cover, you must take into account your annual household expenses, your home and personal loan (if any), future goals like, child education and retirement etc. You may use our Human Value Calculator to know how much Life Insurance coverage you need.

To help you keep protected, we suggest you various Life Insurance plans, suiting your and your family's requirement. It can be a Pure Term Plan, Term Return of Premium:, Unit Linked Insurance Plan etc. while ensuring that not only you have adequate life coverage but also saving taxes on the premiums paid. The team at CLICK4MF has had extensive training in the various life and non-life insurance products and is available to help you make an informed decision for whatever the reason you may have - whether it is the protection of a loved one or self, or the education or marriage of children or a confident retirement.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for your medical expenses. Health insurance reimburses the expenses incurred on medical treatment or illness directly to the care provider. There are different types of health insurance plans, such as individual health insurance, known as Mediclaim, family health insurance, critical illness insurance, etc. Purchasing a health insurance is an integral part of financial planning.

With the constant increasing prices of medical treatment and hospitalization and rapid rise in stances of diseases, today health Insurance is a must have necessity. While health risks and uncertainties are a part of life, one can be fully prepared for the financial aspect by buying health insurance. Payments made towards health insurance premiums are also eligible for tax deductions under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act. Individuals up to 60 years of age can claim a deduction of up to Rs. 25,000 for the health insurance premium paid for themselves, or for their spouse or children. One can also claim another Rs. 50,000 as deduction if you buy health insurance for your parents aged 60 years and above

At CLICK4MF Private Limited, we understand the healthcare requirement of your family and parents and guide you in buying the best coverage plans.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is one of the most preferred investment options among conservative investors who does not want to take risk and need assured fixed and regular income. Even though, we think that debt mutual funds are a good alternative investments for fixed deposits, some conservative investors still want to invest in assured income products and we truly respect that.

For these conservation risk taker investors, Fixed Deposits also popularly known as Term Deposit is an investment option wherein interest rate is fixed for a predefined term for which the investments has been made.

Deposits placed by an investor with companies are known as Company Fixed Deposit. These deposits are accepted by manufacturing companies, financial institutions and non-banking finance companies.

At CLICK4MF Private Limited, we help you invest in Fixed Deposits of reputed companies where the credit ratings are high. We also ensure timely service to our esteemed investors.